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Updates (1.04) Released

We have released a few updates to Synapse containing a number of improvements, bug fixes and new features:

  • The Synapse core loader has been optimized for faster startup of the program.
  • A number of GUI improvements have been made and some GUI related bugs have been fixed.
  • The Update Engine has been rebuilt to minimize timeouts and network latency, resulting in a faster startup.
  • The Data Source component is now optimizable so that you can use an optimizer to select the optimal input features.
  • A new and better fitness-evaluation function has been implemented for the optimizers
  • Data flow bugs in the Crop Filter and the Mixer Filter have been fixed
  • A memory leak in the Gamma Memory has been fixed.
  • A new filter, the Wavelet Filter has been added. It performs a discrete wavelet decomposition of a signal and is a very powerful tool for analyzing time series data and provides very helpful preprocessing for dynamic adaptive systems.

To get the latest updates, make sure that you have automatic updates turned on and that you have a working Internet connection and Synapse will handle the rest. This update contains 18 components and is 3.2 MB in size.


/Thomas @ Peltarion

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